Order worn Underwear of our Girls – with Proof of Authenticity

Nice, that you are interested in underwear from one of our charming girls. Please fill in the following form as much as precise, so the assignment can be executed smoothly.

We will first propose your order to the respective girl without obligation. The girl can then decide whether she wants to carry out the assignment or not. At some special requests the girl may ask for an additional charge. You then still have the option to cancel the order.

Please consider, there is no guarantee for a certainly smell. Depending on individual nature, type of worn underwear, done activities and outdoor temperatures the characteristic of the smell can considerable diversify from order to order, even at one and the same girl. Therefore we basically can´t make a statement, how intensive the smell of the respective product is.

    Type of Underwear*


    Any slip of the girl's choice - 19.99 EUR
    Other Underwear - price on request

    Desired Color*

    possibly 5.00 EUR additional charge (black or white usually without additional charge) or let the respective girl decide.

    Desired Period of Wearing*


    1 Day - 1.00 EUR
    2 Days - 2.00 EUR
    3 Days - 3.00 EUR
    4 Days - 4.00 EUR
    5 Days - 5.00 EUR
    6 Days - 6.00 EUR
    7 Days - 7.00 EUR
    8 Days - 8.00 EUR
    9 Days - 9.00 EUR
    10 Days - 10.00 EUR

    Worn by*


    Amanda 🛈 NEW!
    Carina 🛈
    Elli 🛈
    Nicki 🛈
    Ramona 🛈 NEW!
    Tonja 🛈 NEW!
    Xenia (possibly different delivery costs because of shipping from austria) 🛈
            Basically only the girls listed here are available.

    Free Proof Photo - 0.00 EUR (sending by eMail)
    10 Extra Photos - 10.00 EUR (sending by eMail)
    Extra dirty - 5.00 EUR
    Filled with Sweets (for example Gummi Bears, Smarties, Cookies, ...) - 5.00 EUR

    usually 5.00 EUR additional charge (for details see order confirmation)

    Payment Method* FAQ


    SEPA Direct Debit (via INET-CASH)
    IBAN Bank Transfer (Payment in Advance)
    Cash Shipment (only EURO banknotes)
            Do you miss your prefered payment method? Please contact us!

    Shipping Method*


    INSURED - Germany - Envelope with tracking (Registered Mail / Einwurf-Einschreiben) - 5.00 EUR
    INSURED - Germany - Parcel with tracking (to DHL-Packstation) - 7.00 EUR
    INSURED - Other EU Countries (Austria, France, Italy etc.) - Consignment of goods with tracking - 8.00 EUR
    INSURED - Non-EU Countries (Switzerland, England, USA etc.) - Consignment of goods with tracking - 9.00 EUR

    NOT INSURED - Germany - Envelope - 3.00 EUR
    NOT INSURED - Germany - Parcel (to DHL-Packstation) - 4.00 EUR
    NOT INSURED - Other EU Countries (Austria, France, Italy etc.) - Consignment of goods - 5.00 EUR
    NOT INSURED - Non-EU Countries (Switzerland, England, USA etc.) - Consignment of goods - 6.00 EUR
            Should the shipping occur NOT INSURED, the customer bears the risk, if the shipment get lost while transporting.

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    Ramona (26)

    Amanda (38)

    Tonja (20)

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