Pictures of our Sock Girls

EVERY assignment includes a “proof photo”, on which the respective girl wears your ordered stockings on their feet and has a sheet of paper with your name on it in their hand. The photo we will send to you by eMail, once the delivery is en route to you.

Some samples for Proof Photos…


If desired you can order about 10 extra photos with every assignment. These will be created by the respective girl extra for you. At this the girl wears right these stockings, which will will be shipped to you later.


Some samples for Extra Photos…


At SMELLSOCKS nothing is faked! All girls are 100% authentic and your ordered stockings are worn by nobody else.


Order worn stockings now!


More Pictures

Do you want to see more pictures and also videoclips of cute girls in socks? So have a look at the SMELLSOCKS download store or members area!

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